Saturday, June 09, 2012

La fine della scuola:)
Our T has officially survived the equivalent of seventh grade which is no small feat wherever you are. Here in Lucca making it through la seconda media is paramount to the Hunger Games with some mean competitors in the arena, untrustworthy point people, and enough summer homework to make one insane. At some point we have to go to the post office to make a mandatory "donation" to the school to re-register her for next year and then there is an assigned day to pick up her report card and to get the new extensive book list. Third year of middle school is much more difficult because next summer T will have to pass a series of oral exams (in Italian, obviously) in order to graduate. Those should be fun times. . .

Back to the joy of the present. T got out one hour early and immediately fled to her go-to-girls Natasha, Giorgia, and Caoimhe -- all of whom speak English and throw a mean water balloon. F made them pizza for lunch. I don't know what they're up to exactly, but it involves running up and down the stairs shrieking and also using the computer. There is bound to be a sleepover of epic proportions involved.

After all the worrying I did about not having work this summer, I have plenty of work until August when we are going away for vacation anyway. Thanks to Tony who recommended Allimax, I have not gotten one mosquito bite, and thanks to Derma Sol sun protection, which is good on preventing sun spots if you remember to reapply,  I think this summer will be a huge improvement.

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