Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Inside Jokes - Lucca Style

Me & Adonella

Matteo doing his thing.

Saturday night was a huge success because a real fancy Italian woman admired by footwear and because I understood almost all of the jokes that my friend Federica's brother Matteo Cesca told during his comedy routine in piazzina San Carlo for his sold out show. He talked about what it's like in the waiting room at the doctor's office and what it's like finding the right checkout line at the supermarket. He is really good and had the crowd roaring. He even got a gig at the Summer Festival on July 13th, which is very impressive.

He ended the show with an anecdote about how five Chinese tourists with cameras came over to look at poster of him which is sandwiched between those of Laura Pausini and Duran Duran, both of whom are coming here to perform at the Summer Festival. They look at him and then the poster and then at him and then the poster, then they asked: "Can you take a picture of us?" Sfigato.

Gotta make the doughnuts. . I mean bagels.

We had a lovely day with fellow American expat Rebecca and her son Gianni. They are from Connecticut and had a craving for NY bagels and brunch so F delivered big time. Rebecca makes beautiful jewlery and I might know just the person to host a party for her to get her introduced to the right clients in Lucca. In fact, Adonella, whose design sensibility is impeccable, stopped by and bought a pair of earrings straight away and graciously offered her terrazza for a jewlery party in a few weeks time.

On Sunday we went to the beach with my friend Bianca at Torre di Lago.
Me - pale as Casper
T asleep with the shadows of her exhausted parents over her. Very Harry Potter.


Laurence said...

Boiled and baked?

FB said...

Boiled AND Baked. . . What did you think? You thought I would marry someone who didn't boil them first?? O the horror!