Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If I get too tired to explain this later, it is an master chef/photographer holding a smurf/puffo because it has the colors of the soccer team of Italia.

More end of the year joy
They made toe caps out of water balloons. Don't ask.

Talent, talent everywhere

Sunday night we went to hear Melissa's talented kids sing, play the drums, and chant about pirates while swishing percussion instruments respectively. I am not even being a little bit biased when I tell you that they were the highlights of the whole three hour, seven million degree extravaganza. Natasha had a star moment and really moved people with her angelic singing.

We also enjoyed all of the explicit songs sung in English by the young people, who, I like to think, had no idea what they were talking about.

There was this one young man with his girlfriend who helped him both to chain himself and then to unchain him as he sang about liberation. It reminded me a lot of that movie about the Doors with Val Kilmer.

IT was

a long, long

long show.
 Then we went to Anna's house for a dinner up in the hillside filled with artistic people and soccer enthusiasts. It was one of those nights that I always dreamed of before we moved here: a house out of a design magazine, the best prosecco ever, and lots of people who are passionate about painting, fashion, food, wine, and music.

p.s. Now I'm miserable because it turns out that if you flip your foot over the wrong way and your ankle doesn't swell up it does not mean that you are lucky; it means that you tore your peroneous tendon and also that the last thing in the world you should do is jump on it. Too late. I have 11 more classes to teach this week.

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