Friday, June 29, 2012

Hot off the press
It is so incredibly hot in Lucca right now. The hot news of today is that Jim Sparandeo told us to give T some tea made from celery seeds and it had an immediate anti-inflammatory effect on her digestive track so she feels some relief. She has a ridiculous amount of swelling from the IV drip they gave her and she feels like a hot air balloon with a stomach ache.

 T has been checking out some blogs on kids with type 1 diabetes. This one kid she read about apparently ate two pounds of candy on Halloween without his parents knowing -- and he still had a lower blood glucose number than she had when she entered the hospital last week. I hope her edema will go away soon so that she feels more comfortable overall.

We feel like all of Lucca is cheering for us, but I think it also has to do with the fact that every time Italy scores a goal in the soccer match, the whole city roars in celebration. There are two mega screens up in Piazza Grande, but many folks go to their favorite neighborhood bar to raise a glass or drown their sorrows. We just scored again.

Go T go!

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