Wednesday, June 27, 2012

False alarm
Last night T's feet, hands, and face were swollen and the medical contact that I call at the children's hospital in She went from weighing 33 chilos to 42. Florence told me that we should go back to the emergency room because she couldn't help us over the phone. Although we knew it would lead to even more people yelling at me in speed of light Italian, we decided not to take her last night because we were concerned that the  five hour wait in an emergency room would do more harm that good. Today she was even more swollen and she was screaming in pain for what turned out to be internal cuts on her rectum.  We got the important diabetes doctor of Lucca to call ahead for us to the emergency room and we were seen right away. It turned out not to be her kidneys as we feared, but a reaction to the foreign insulin that in most cases abates after a week. (NOPE, I MISUNDERSTOOD. IT IS EDEMA FROM THE FLUIDS SHE RECEIVED AND SHOULD RESOLVE ITSELF IN A WEEK.) I'm stressed that I missed work again, but I can't imagine how I would have taught today anyway because between the midnight blood test and the getting up early --there isn't much energy left. One of the nurses kept shaking her head, but it turned out she just couldn't get over how American's write the number four. She kept muttering something about how it should be a nine drawn like that and peering at me like she could divine other lost cultural secrets of the crypt. Tomorrow we have to wake up very early to take her back to Florence for an important blood test.

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