Friday, June 08, 2012

Could be worse
Let's see. . . T got a horrible stomach virus that had her knocked out of circulation for Monday evening through Wednesday afternoon. F and I had a lighter version, but it still was not fun.

 T went back to school just in time to get her summer homework assignments and I made it through teaching all of my Thursday classes and sighed with relief.  When I was walking past the railroad tracks on my way home, practically weeping with exhaustion, a car made a sharp turn and scared me and I started. When I looked down the soul of my sneaker was facing up. I felt like Mrs. Potato Head with the foot piece put on backwards. I got home on adrenalin, but then once I got the sneaker off, I saw that it was all bruised looking. I went into a panic because today I had a bunch of classes lined up including my first Tonificazione class on the walls of Lucca.

My boss Dino had proudly showed off to me that he bought a huge sound system to plug into the outdoor electric source at baluardo s. regolo. We did a test run with my ipod and we almost blew the ceiling off the gym. As it happened today, I was too achy to go home between classes so I limped up to the baluardo and sat for an hour avoiding ants  on the bench until people showed up. All 25 of them. I should never have called my class Metamorfosi because people flock to Tonificazione and it is the exact same thing. Sorry to ramble. I'm typing with my ankle on a pile of frozen peas and I've been drinking. Wine. So as you could predict, there was no current and no music. I did the worst Italian comedy routine ever invented and people seemed to both like the class and to have not noticed that I had a twisted ankle.

Me and my elastic hand puppet. Times are grim.

Today, however, was recycling day for kids in Piazza Grande:
Recycling bureaucracy for little people. It was cute.
Tomorrow, thank goodness, is T's last day of school. I plan to do nothing. Zero and also zero which is Italian for zero.

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