Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bright & Early
This morning we got up really early to make the drive to the children's hospital in Florence.  We had a moment of panic when I recognized the word digiuna/fasting in Italian next to the appointment slip because we had already given T insulin and breakfast. The other mammas in the waiting room were nice and showed us that the tiny plastic bucket on the computer actually contained numbers written on pieces of post-its that were meant, I suppose, to replace an actual human being at the reception desk. Luckily T was able to take the tests anyway. The wait was long because most of the doctors are away on their summer vacations.

 It definitely seemed to lift T's spirits to see that she is not the only kid who does the finger pricks and the injections and meal management as part of her daily routine. I got to meet the doctor who barks at me on the phone every day and was surprised that she looks like Velma from Scooby Doo and could not be any nicer in person. Italian phone manners are . . . interesting. Also, I think I forgot to mention that while the Meyer hospital is excellent and huge, it is also full of mosquitoes. F said he hadn't seen so many mosquitoes in a hospital apart from movies set in the Victorian era.

The good news was that T's edema in her hands, feet, and face should pass and her glycemic values were excellent and under control. I had a whole cell phone drama trying to decide if I should go to work for a personal training session of a new client at the gym, but in the end she didn't want to work out in the heat anyway. Tonight we have a very exhausted, uncomfortable, brave person on our hands, but tomorrow, when we are all rested, things will go better. And we'll start putting photos back in this blog situation.

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