Friday, June 15, 2012

Belly time

My boss Gemma gave me an energy treatment and immediately afterwards my tendon was fifty percent better. Today she is going to treat me again. Luckily the only other person in Lucca who does what I do professionally can help me when I need healing. I am still going crazy not being able to dance or jump, but at least I can do the mat work section of my own Metamorfosi class. Today I have a double to teach, the last one of the year at Happy gym where I will probably only have my loyal student Patrizia, and the one on the walls for all of skeptical people who don't know me and have never heard of this method. When I have full mobility this is still daunting, but today . . .  Sigh.

Lisa soars!
Check it out:

Lisa (center) had like 6 costume changes!

Hungry girls (pre-pizza)

Lovely Alma
Last night we went to see Lisa's beauteous bollywood and belly dancing exhibition at a restaurant hotel kind of in the middle of nature. Who stays there and who can find that place is a mystery. Lisa is the mom of three, including T's friend Caoimhe, and that is her real midsection. I have used no photo-shop whatsoever. It was a double whammy because our friend Alma was also dancing in the show.  Speaking of bellies, they pre-fixe menu of pizza and bruschetta might have been okay, but the waiters were shocked and dismayed that that we were vegetarians and insisted on putting chicken livers on my plate and spicy salami on T's to the point where I had to insist that they take my whole plate away and start from scratch. I guess liver is considered a vegetable here?

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