Saturday, June 30, 2012

At this moment
Living in the moment is a good survival strategy so here is my moment. Right now Tom Petty is singing Free Falling outside my window. (His first time in Italy and he picks the Lucca Summer Festival 2012.) I had come back from teaching my free class for LIFE gym on the walls of the city. I had to go the long way around because the shortcut to my house was blocked off by the concert. I went out of my way to go by a stash of gossipy fashion magazines for me and my girl. As my favorite gentleman at the edicola/magazine store was closing up shop I saw him hold his head in his hands and stagger. I asked if he had a headache and he pointed to a bloody bandage on his leg. I ended up giving him a bioenergy treatment and he gave me a free magazine. The have to remember to go back tomorrow to see how he is feeling. As soon as I got home one of my students was waiting in front of my house to give me a photo of her husband who has MS and who wanted to be treated with bioenergy. His energy was all prickly which is always amazing to experience.

T finally got out of the house and I think it is thanks to the melissa tea that Jim Sparandeo, our naturopata, had her drink. She seems to be doing better and had her mood lifted by her tutor Lucia who came and paid her a long visit, despite being just walloped by having finished her high school exams from the Liceo Classico yesterday. Plus she bumped into her pal Natasha outside and so gave herself her LANTUS injection right there in the piazza with no problems so she could stay out longer.

At the moment, I'm looking up along with everything else.

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