Friday, May 11, 2012

Which Way is Su?
1. All of those fluffy white pollen balls from the poplar trees blew into the dance studio and when we were lying on the floor they stuck to my eyeballs. I bribed one of the little girl people who was hanging out waiting for her class to start to pick them up with her chubby little fingers, but in the end she only succeeded in twirling around in them and causing an allergy storm red alert. By the end of the class, we were all huddled in a corner hiding from fluff.

2. I am no longer the only one teaching at a gym. Today T was the assistant teacher for the creative movement class at Happy gym which seems to have involved mostly bouncy balls: keeping tiny people from assaulting each other with balls, preventing the balls from getting stuck in weird places, maintaining the proper direction of ball rolling, and allowing equal access to said ball. Oh and keeping tiny people from climbing on the dance bar.

3. I had advised F not to schedule a dinner party for this Saturday night until he knew if all of his important VIP guests could make it. He forgot that and emailed everyone. No one wrote back for three days in which I was very grumpy. Until yesterday. Half of them could make it. So I invited some girlfriends so that I would be less grumpy. Then the other half of them said that they could make it after all. Did I mention that one of them is the most important chef in Italy, the one that made us the best dinner of my entire life last August. He was on the fence, so I had to call him myself while I was in a pollen induced surge of go-get-it-ness. By the way, no pressure serving dinner to the most important chef in Italy.

4. We (yeah, I know you know F does all the real cooking but I am chopping and tasting stuff) are doing all the cooking tonight because we got invited to give a ride to someone who was invited to a pool party tomorrow and I want to go. It is going to be sweltering tomorrow and I got a new bikini (because no Italian woman under the age of 80 wears a one-piece) that covers my whole rear. That may not sound like a major feat but all the bottoms I have seen in this whole city are the kind that are meant to slice across the butt cheeks thus letting them hang out in the open air. Why? I happened to catch a glimpse of a more substantial bikini bottom in the catalog that the saleslady flashed me and when I asked if they had any like that in the store despite the fact that I sure hadn't found any, she opened a drawer and voila!-- I got the last one in my size!

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