Sunday, May 20, 2012

T's theatrical debut in Italy (or why I will never be in charge of the macchina fotografica again)

All I can say is that it was well worth ducking out of my class early and having my friend Patrizia drive like a bat out of hell to get to T's school in time. My pre-show present of a trip to the hair salon resulted in T getting what she called Roseanna danna danna curls, but being the expert she is, she tamed them in time to set foot on the stage. There were only seats in the back of the auditorium so I snuck up as close to the stage as I could and ended up standing next to the vice principal and then the principal. Thank goodness I turned my cell phone off just in time. Not only did I get ten phone calls, but the silver haired ex alumnae in the front row, who moments before was honored for her presence, got a good lavata di testa when her iphone kept ringing and she did not have the prowess to turn that bad boy off.

T placing the boat.

T's siloutte scanning the open seas.

The lady who couldn't turn off her telefonina.
I am so sorry that these photos are blurry and weird, but it was dark and I kept getting jostled. As it was I had to block the view of seven people behind me just to get you these. Sorry, people behind me, I didn't realize until it was too late. The show was about writers throughout history. I think. Only three kids got to speak. They spoke impressively loudly. T was not one of them because she is only in second year and it was mostly a third year production. From our perspective, it started out with everyone lying dead on the floor and they are at a cemetery. When you see her in the crate that means she got on the boat. There is a part where they are all blindfolded, but you had to know that your kid left the house with a silk scarf  for that very purpose because it was pitch black when they did that. It's lucky they survived that part unscathed, come to think about it. Later everyone gets pretend drunk and dances around. That was nice. The musicians gave them a double cue at then end which led her professor to say that the finale era un po' strozzata, but the kids seemed to have a good time.

T on the far right.

The back of T skipping upstage.

The front of T skipping downstage.

T on the far right . . . again.
 T with her friends Giorgia and Natasha.

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