Saturday, May 05, 2012

T throwing a rock at the Olympia Club for me.
We got this email from someone identifying themselves as Malte Zeeck. Being from New York, I immediately became suspicious because that struck me as a cool detective's name in some generic spy movie or possibly the made up name of somebody who plays on one's vain desire to have the whole world tune in to the offbeat ramblings and photos otherwise known as Arrivedercibkllyn. The email said that this expat organization wanted to link to our blog. So F became suspicious because he is always worried about out identity being robbed and computer viruses and such. It is kind of odd that lately at least 48 people in Bulgaria have been clicking on us on a daily basis. Good morning Bulgaria! So obviously some people glob on to little innocent expat bloggers and do dirty, filthy, unimaginable things with them. Especially in Bulgaria. No offense Bulgaria.  So we checked out and it turns out to be a legitimate website and they asked me to send a photo and fill out a questionnaire. After I sent it in with no real identifying information on it, I checked out some of our fellow bloggers. Wow, they are all sincere, fine women who answered the questionnaire as if it were not some kind of a joke. Whoops. I perhaps should have zigged where I ended up zagging. Nevertheless, if anyone wants to read about our crazy life here in Italy they are going to have to get on the crazy train from the very start. Isn't that right, Malte? So feel free to click on the link to them that we have under their little badge icon on the right side of this page and you can read my whole interview. We have hit the big time folks. First Perillo Tours and now this. Can Oprah be far behind?

*Footnote: This was a huge honor because after doing some research it turns out that Malte Zeeck left the same complimentary message he left us for 3,330 other fabulous expat bloggers.

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Laurence said...

Your badge is a broken image link.

Malte Zeeck, Philipp von Plato (domain registrant) and Christian Leifield, cofounders of your mystery site:

They appear to be German SEO entrepreneurs.