Wednesday, May 23, 2012

T in the teatro
Prof. Dellacroce
Here is a much less blurry version of T in her show. This time they performed it at the Teatro di San Girolamo and we got front row seats. Prof. Dellacroce, T's head teacher, explained that even though they had prepared the whole term to do A Midsummer Night's Dream, when they heard about the death of his neighbor, the writer Antonio Tabbucchi, they decided to perform the show he had authored called The Dream of Carlo Collodi.

In the dream, if I am reading the program correctly, a person goes to a cemetery of writers and puts carnations on the graves of Leopardi, Stevenson, and Collodi.  Collodi dreams of being on a boat in the sea during a storm, the boat survives and becomes one made up of humans with the colors of Italy. After they yell Viva Italia, Collodi enters into the mouth of a monster. He goes around groping in the dark, hits against a table and opens a container full of cadavers. They he does down a few stairs, drinks a bottle of rum, and feels better. The belly of the monster is slippery and full of dead fish. He goes splashing in the low waters and catches a glimpse of light. The light gets closer and he sees a table with a woman with blue hair and a little boy with a hat made of bread crumbs. He runs and hugs them. Then the belly of the monster changes into a pergola and they sit around a table at a house int he hills of Pescia and they drink white wine and eat melon because it is so hot. There is a cat and a wolf that look at each other under the pergola with calm eyes. He takes a drink of wine and offers some to the audience. So f'ing Italian, right?

He went on to say that while the other show would have been cast in a more democratic way, given the time constraints, he picked the three loudest students to have speaking roles. While T is mute, muta come un pesce, her body language was as graceful as if she had taken ballet for years. Weird.

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