Sunday, May 13, 2012

Smacking & slapping with no slacking
Today in a nutshell. F got up and baked an extraordinary chocolate red wine cake that would make you slap someone you love it was so good. Then he baked the Gorgonzola bread for us to take to the pool party. I got ready and walked to the gym and gave a private lesson to my star pupil Alessia for two hours that included thirty minutes of non-stop cardo dancing and some very intense outer saddle bag exercises that would make you want to slap your trainer. It was a slappy day.

Then I came home and took a shower and was thrilled to see that F had pretty much cleaned the house. I got into my new bikini and packed the beach bag while he made lunch for T. We met our friend Rebecca and her son Gianni and immediately got lost because neither of us had brought directions to Gugliano where Claire was having her big beginning of the season pool bash. The highlights were her sons' rock and roll band which is the Italian One Direction, a giant trampoline, an awesome pool and  a potluck to make you . .. you know.

Then we got back and I re-cleaned what F had cleaned and then I assembled twenty Vietnamese summer rolls. The sought after chef and dinner guest Lido messaged us that he was coming late. He ended up coming an hour and a half late and bringing his wife who shall remain nameless even though I liked her a lot because I never understood how to pronounce her name. Anna, the author of the most beautiful food magazine I have ever laid my eyes on and probably ever will, did not end up bringing her husband, and my friend Bianca did not end up bringing her friend. I mention this because there was a lot of musical chairs and subtracting and adding wine glasses until we ended up pretty much with what we had expected from the beginning.

The spicy Asian sesame sauce on green beans, truffle butter on new little potatoes, and stuffed red peppers with zucchini, bread crumbs, and Parmesan were a big hit. Everyone licked their plates. The dessert was killer. Lido's wife made some sounds of approval while she finished off her red wine chocolate cake that made F feel very appagato, god bless her. As for dinner conversation there were some heated discussions on women artists and wine makers, the ups and downs of organic wine, the culinary climate of Lucca, and the difference between chefs who are technicians versus the makers of experience. At one point, I thought two of our guests were going to storm off or come to blows, but then I remembered that they were Italian and were probably enjoying themselves.

I understood every fifth word of the "discussion" because they were going at it pretty damn fast. I'm calling the night a huge success because I made two jokes in Italian that made people laugh, F got a ton of compliments on the dinner (come to find out that if the Italians don't like your food they will just be utterly silent because they are incapable of saying food is good when it is not), and, in the end, Lido said that he was honored to have been a guest in our home. I responded by gulping audibly. Scema.

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