Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Loving Oprah in Italy
Despite the fact that most of my Italian friends don't know who Oprah is because the show has not really be broadcast over here and you can only get shows from the OWN network off her website, I am still really grateful for her work and believe that she has changed my life a lot. I have been watching the life classes these past six weeks, and if you haven't I'm going to break down the top ten things I've learned.

1.  A lot of times it is my expectations of the way that my life is supposed to look that brings me pain, but when I give up my preconceived ideas of the way I wanted things to appear and look deeper, I realize that I got more than what I was asking for in the first place.

2. The step you leave behind is sometimes the creakiest. In other words, at times I have outgrown relationships with people who have been around for years and they are going to be the ones that complain the loudest and make the biggest fuss when I move on, but I shouldn't let that stop me.

3. Sometimes not getting what you wanted from parents is the biggest gift. Instead of being pushed by parents maybe you were held back, but that can be a catapult to launch forwards in life.

4. It is impossible for fear or anger to exist in the same moment that I am feeling gratitude. And if I am really in a crappy place, I can start just by being grateful that I am breathing. Holding onto anger and fear usually causes a lot of physical symptoms of inflammation and physical pain and being generous in a way that doesn't suck my energy dry is a way of getting beyond it.

5. A lot of times I get held back by the story that I tell myself about my life. I have even been addicted to the language that I have used to tell my story in a certain way that paints me as a victim or as a bad guy; but if I want to really be present in my life, I have to change that story, the verb tenses, the adjectives, the character judgments.

6. When I forgive people for bad things they have done to me, that doesn't mean that I have to forget about what they did. I just give yourself the gift of not holding on to the anger about it and trying to go back to the past to rewrite it. I can learn a lot about myself by how I survived the experience.

7. Prayer is really about aligning myself with the universe, but it doesn't work if I use it to make a wish list. I start with wanting to live the best life I can and making the most our of my strengths, ability to love, and gifts to make this day count.

8. If I feel like my life is full of a lot of energy vampires and that I am not taking good care of myself, it helps to realize that it is impossible to honor god and put myself last at the same time. 

9. When I am really angry I sometimes have to drop my arms down to my sides and sink into the pain or the fear that is underneath it so that I can let it go.

10. I am responsible for the energy that I bring to a situation and to the other people in my life.

Now back to being the potty mouthed, terrified but doing it anyway adventuress that you have come to know. . .

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