Sunday, May 20, 2012

F's compleanno/birthday

F wanted to have people over to celebrate his birthday. This is unusual because usually he wants little fuss and just us. He said no presents, please. No stuffy stuff at all. He would accept only drawings, poems, songs, recipes or food. Yeah, we thought that was nuts, too. So we mostly ignored that request. He got salty food (his favorite), several beautiful recipe books, a cool t-shirt, an awesome windbreaker jacket, a lovely portrait from T, and . . . (drum roll please) from me a bordeaux colored, man-sized apron with his name embroidered across it along with "Marito Perfetto/Perfect Husband."

We're out of food!
This is one of the few parties where we said little house destroying people were welcome. We got off lightly with a few smudges on the couch, a few flattened french fries scattered around, and, mysteriously, muddy small people footprints in the bathtub. Thanks again to Fergal for bringing his portatile with all of the kid films in it for them to watch while they were waiting for the cake. About thirty people showed up and we had not even a morsel of food left over. The oreo cake was underdone and just slopped around sadly on the plates, but all the big people were too drunk to notice by that point.

F gave a speech that was very moving after they all sang Tanti auguri  to him. This was his speech: "Eh . . . Grazie. E grazie . . . . per voi." It was very sweet.

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