Sunday, May 27, 2012

Firenze Gelato Festival
After getting very little sleep, we raced to the train station to meet Melissa and the girls so we could go to the Ice Cream/Gelato fair in Florence/Firenze.  Melissa and I have been talking about the legendary gelato cocktails for weeks. It did not disappoint. Right at Santa Maria Novella there were all of these tents with the pictures of chefs who had designed original gelato flavors. After you bought a little ticket card, we just love a good tessera here in Italy, you could get up to five tastes and a cocktail. I thought the cups would be little tiny tasting cups, but they were regular size cups full of cold, creamy goodness.

We all shared flavors like dark chocolate muffin, cherries and cream, vanilla fig, corn cookies with chocolate chunks, chocolate passionfruit, canadian maple syrup with pecans, bread with dark chocolate, lemon caviar ginger, and my favorite salted caramel, just to name a few.

Melissa and I got buzzed on gelato mojitos early:

Sofia got buzzed on chocolate gelato later:

On the way home, we took turns trying to scare Sofia with ghost stories, but she is fearless. So then we amused ourselves by drawing on her and making her do a bellybutton rap song:

We also built with blocks at some weird kid exhibit, went on the merry-go-round, and bought tons of summer basics at H&M! Jealous much?


Laurence said...

I liked that chocolate-apricot gelato in Lucca better than the stuff from that famous place in Firenze.

FB said...

One thing about you, bro, is that you've got great taste!