Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Festa di Trucco

Can you imagine anything better than a makeup makeover party with homemade yummy dishes and boxed local wine? I can't! Laura was our host. She really wanted me to surprise her fidanzato Fabio by breaking out into the choreography of JLo's song Papi, but by the time he got there the boxed wine had the better of me and I forgot all of the steps. I think she probably will forgive me. Some day.

T was the special guest artist. She can make a mean fish tail braid and is a master of the multi-shade, perfectly blended eyelid.

Box o wine, baby. (I look like Kathy Griffin's mother.)
Alessia's homemade vegetable tart. She missed my class to cook us this. It was worth it.

Make up is a serious business.

Laura's sister.

Laura, our hostess with Serena, Fede and blurry me.
T's supplies

T's turn in the model chair.

Serena gets fancy eyes. Tip: use a napkin to pick up shadow sprinkles.

Laura gave me a smoky eye. I was actually one of the few non-smokers.
Alessia my rock star private student and Fede my flashdance friend who welds stuff.

Ah Fabio, you are a patient man.

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