Friday, May 11, 2012

Extra (Achoo) Credit  
T came across this cool exhibit of student art in honor of our new land. What is more fitting than a collage of Italy made of dried pasta, I ask you?

Also I just want to say that walking to via San Filippo is like being an unpaid protagonist in an allergy medicine commercial. It is literally snowing big balls of pollen fluff from the poplar trees and everyone is cutting their lawns in my face as I brave the roads as the one lone walker in that whole stretch of land.  By the time I got to the LIFE gym, I was drenched in sweat with white puffy seeds glued to my eyelashes, grass in my teeth, and my sinuses were so swollen that my eyes were half shut. On a positive note, the weather has just turned lovely. It is just a festival of tourists. For the next few weeks if we speak English outside the house we will just barely be a minority.

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