Monday, May 07, 2012

Bellybuttons & Small Geniuses
Today I got to finally be of use to my colleagues at LIFE gym because even though I am not particularly flexible or knowledgeable about Pilates, I do know how to translate all of the names of the weird exercises like the corkscrew and the jack knife and the saw into Italian. (The saw or sega, I learned has a naughty doppio senso in Italian -look it up if you're curious- so I'll be careful announcing that one to my class.) Also F made my group of Pilates study buddies Gorgonzola bread to eat for lunch, which after five hours of analyzing bellybutton sucking in positions on the cold floor is tantamount to CPR for an unconscious person.

F also made me this volontino to get me personal training work:

Mid-afternoon we went for a giant banquet of a lunch at my boss Francesca from Happy gym's house. Her daughter Gemma is the very cutest little girl ever. She loves to put household objects on her head and use them as hats. She carries it off with royal wedding type of pizazz. She also pours liquids from one glass to the other which makes her look like a smart, if somewhat eccentric, chemist.

When she misses the glass she looks down at the spilled liquids as if they are being really naughty and for no good reason. She adores T and did not want her to leave, but we prevented any more salty liquid spillage by inventing a game whereby they could kiss their noses together from opposite sides of the front window as we made our -way past nap time- exit.

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