Thursday, April 26, 2012

We live here?
About once a week F turns to me and squeezes my hand and says, "We live here." My stock answer is, "Yeah, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure we don't." And then he says, "No really. We live here." These little rituals are my compass for knowing where the center is so I don't like to mess with them. That is why when he asks me if he has told me that he loves me yet today I always say nope not yet, even if he did maybe mention that first thing in the morning, because those are the kinds of words a girl doesn't get tired of. April 25 is Liberation Day in Italy and we didn't have to go to work or school. There were food stands representing different regions of Italy, and a marching band that took to the streets. The main thing was that it didn't rain. A lot of my female clients have been complaining of a Spring depression, which, having survived many a dismal New York February, is kind of a foreign concept for me. Nevertheless, with all of the sunshine and flowers blooming yesterday seemed to be goodbye to depression day and also a sort of hello pollen allergies. F and I have been sneezing our heads off. Today T grudgingly returned to school and this afternoon she is getting braces. Again. This will be her second round, but since we are in Italy we are choosing the more fashion forward ceramic version and hopefully she won't have to put up with them for too long.

Aurora finally was allowed to go on Facebook.

This guy decided to be the musical accompaniment to the Women's Rights march. Ganzo.

F and I liberated ourselves from the apartment to have a cup of coffee with Fabio.

These are the shoes T's orthodontist wears. To work.
This afternoon I gave a massage to my coworker who is a lovely woman. She paid me 25 euros even though I usually ask for 15. We had to go into the spin room where they keep all of the stationary bikes and hide in the back in the dark. I do a combination of accu-pressure massage and Yamuna Body Rolling using a ball that is about 16 cm in diameter. I copied the massage technique from Yoshiko who works at Dr. Benja-Athon's office in New York without whom I would still be lying on the floor drinking coffee from a straw in a prone position. If you ever saw the film When Harry Met Sally than you know the volume and the kinds of sounds my coworker makes when she gets a massage. It is not the first time I asked a client if it was good for you after a massage, but it is the first time I actually was really invested in the answer. Just kidding.

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