Saturday, April 14, 2012

T time
My Italian teacher was talking to us about how there are bad people and good people in every social class. He gave this example: "There were these two girls in my middle school class. Ahh yes and they had the first mini skirts in Lucca. Imagine, boys, what it was like before there were miniskirts. . . Oh and then their brother killed their father in the middle of Pisa's square." We were all busy laughing about the mini skirts and then we stopped abruptly and everyone was like, "What? What did he just say?"

Another beauty from my Italian teacher: "I don't understand when Italian kids get better grades in English than in Spanish because Spanish is closer to Italian." And then he says to me, "At least you look kind of Spanish. I mean what do those platinum blond dumb asses in England know about us?" 

My Spanish teacher released this gem: "The only reason I went to Torino with you guys was to meet up with one of my friends there. I was not the only one in my hotel room that night."

My English teacher translated these sentences from Italian into English:
"Do remember by you the names of the seven United Kingdom names."
"Dick isn't as able as my."
"What is time dinner?"

. . . Yes people, English for Dummies live and in person.

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Laurence said...

How did I go through 20 years of schooling without ever having a single teacher half as wacky as any of T's?