Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pilates in Italian 
That's me on the left with my head bowed in concentration and anguish.
All I want to say is that Pilates in Italian is even more excruciatingly difficult than Pilates in English because I had to learn the verbs divaricare, distendere, arrotolare, appoggiare, and terms like forza del baricentro, stabilizzazione, and il bacino -- which is not a little kiss, but rather your little pelvis among many others and put them in full sentences all the while doing exercises that require precise breathing technique and continue to hurt my lower back lombare like a mother f-er. All this will surely make me a better person and a better teacher in every way. I truly loved my teachers and my fellow students, which made the eight hours of training with no sleep and barely any sustenance just fly by, relatively speaking.

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