Sunday, April 29, 2012

La Marcia delle Ville
Today we walked 17 kilometers which is about 10 and a half miles up and down the somewhat muddy peaks and valleys of the Tuscan countryside past some of the most beautiful villas in the world. Our friend Melissa and her mother and T's friend Natasha met us in front of LIFE gym and we all followed my supervisor Fabio and my coworker Lisa and several clients until we got to the parking area for the walk and the stand that was representing our gym. I managed to drum up some business for the gym and might have a few new faces for tomorrow's lesson.

We limped back home, blisters and all, to get a Chinese vegetarian lunch on the table for 007 and his wife Alma. When I told him about the happenings at Olympia gym, he asked me if I wanted him to buy the gym for me. I said nah that's okay I'm good. But it did put some ideas in my head. So he ended up hiring Fraser to make a website for him. After lunch we walked around the Danzaland exhibitions of the day and poked around an open air flower market and some food kiosks. I found some fabulous dried strawberries that I have been craving and we bought some enormous bread from Puglia. We went to this gallery near the anfiteatro where Alma has had her paintings displayed. 007 had bought a Picasso from them and when he was robbed last June the crooks took the safe with the certificate inside it, but left the painting behind. The woman managing the place said that she had been in New York in the 90s with her father when he was showing his own paintings at a gallery in Manhattan and she showed us the only signed T-shirt by Andy Warhol.  Across the street, 007 who is also named Marco, showed us an original staircase where one of the stone slabs on the ceiling was from Roman times.

This is seriously old rock, people.

He is running for office and gave out cups of free wine.

007 knows his flowers.

At the belly dancing lesson, this Jessica Rabbit looking creature could move each of her ribs separately and each section of her fingers, but 007 only said, "Wow that is a lot of milk out front." You know how secret agents are. Alma, of course, he was quick to point out, is much more professional when she belly dances.

This was some serious ballroom dancing. I was swept away by the timelessness of it until F whispered to me, "Now this is some crazy s*it."

The Italian hip hop tends to be of the masculine variety, even when women are teaching it.

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