Wednesday, April 04, 2012

La gita scholastica/the school trip: an update
Well, the good news is that T left her trip money in the second choice purse which remained attached to her wall of purses at home. Yes, I said wall of purses, but there is no time to explain that now. That is good news because we didn't lose the money out in the world. Obviously, it is bad for other reasons. T was able, however, to borrow a euro here and there to make up the museum fees for today's trip. From what I gather, the Cinema museum in Torino is awesome and worth the very long bus ride.

Here is the kicker: While, T didn't make the best choice about how to handle the food on the bus situation and was rather lax in the packing department, she did handle herself really really well when the professors left her at McDonalds. Which part are you more shocked about? That they took Italian kids to McDonalds for lunch and called it the Grille? Or that they gave T and her friend permission to go to the bathroom and then when it started raining abandoned her there? Luckily, T convinced her friend who wanted to go out searching for the teacher to just call him on her cell phone which, pat on back for the mamma, I had her put in her phone right before she left. She said the fries were pretty good. Oy.

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