Friday, April 27, 2012

Holy Olympians, Batman!
The Olympia Club was eerily vacant this afternoon. I had only three students, but the big classroom next door to me hardly had anyone either. Rocco told me to come see him after my lesson. I figured he wanted to tell me when the big day for my new course that Elena promised me was going to be. I was wrong. He wanted to tell me that I was fired. That he was fired. And that even Elena was fired. Yahoo! I almost jumped out of my seat and did a victory dance. Then I remembered that my colleague at Happy gym had to wait two months and have a lawyer friend threaten to take action in order to get paid after giving leave at Olympia Club. I marched back upstairs with my wage sheet and met the new owners who assured me that I would get paid. Eventually.

Let's recap: No crazy breakneck drive to get to the Friday lesson on time. No triple decker sign-in sheets. No more pressure due to constant attendance statistics. No more surveillance cameras. No more turnstiles. No more classrooms named after Greek Gods. No more zumba CHOREOGRAPHY!!!  Oh the JOY!.

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