Friday, April 13, 2012

A couple of weird and incoherent moments from the past few days:

1. It's embarrassing enough that I broke out in five acne cysts this week without this happening. F drove me to Altopascio to the dermatologist. Although this doctor doesn't have the lovely shots in his arsenal that make those spots disappear overnight, he offered to do a peel which involves putting stinging lotion on my cheeks and rubbing vigorously--despite the fact that the worst spots are on my chin and between my eyes. My spotty complexion didn't stop him from kissing me on the corner of my mouth. Hey, that could have been a mistake. They kiss twice here. So I turned my head and he smiled devilishly and kissed my on the other corner of my mouth. Doof. (That is the sound of me not reacting in time.)

2. This morning while I had seven women packed into my living room and also kitchen exercising with me, my downstairs neighbor knocked on the door. I, for some unknown reason, continued to keep doing my arm exercises (as though my students could see me through the door) in the hallway as my neighbor and her two television repair men tried to convince me to let them inside to get access to the roof. I had to say no because T was upstairs in bed with a cold headache and she was sleeping. All the women were laughing on the other side of the door because I left them with their arms extended and nothing to do. On my way home tonight I had to go knock on their door and explain about my repetitive arm movements, my refusal to let them in, and my weird reaction when I saw that they brought their dog from Switzerland to stay with them. It was a bit awful to explain how their landlords let their dog go out by itself and how we suspect that their dog was the one that gave us fleas last year four four months because the couple that own the apartment moved out without even saying goodbye to us or letting T say goodbye to their kids. Ah yes Hallmark should make a card for that.

3. Another winner of a moment was when I was playing that Pitbull song at the gym from the Men In Black movie and the entire class burst out into song on the "O Baby" parts.

4. F continues to slay his captive audience of avid English students. They laughed non stop for twenty minutes when F tried to convince them that the name for a baby cow is also how we identify the low posterior part of the leg. Calf! HHAAAAHEHHEEEEHAAAA. Also they think the expression "it's raining cats and dogs" to be funnier than an Adam Sandler movie. Well, it is funnier than his last movie, but that is for a different post.

Play along. Listen for the 'O baby' parts:

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