Monday, April 09, 2012

Even the birds live well here.

Easter Monday is traditionally a time for pilgrimages but lots of people from Lucca settle for the abridged version: they go for a bike ride or they have a picnic. T went on a huge bike ride with Chiara's family and we went for a picnic with our friends Barbara and Alessandro at her family's agriturismo called Colle di Bordocheo in Segrominio al Monte. It was gorgeous as you can see:

Just two years ago we were at the Italian Consulate in NY, bewildered as to why they had locked the doors when were supposed to come back to beg for a visa that day.
The most amazing circular view of the Tuscan hills ever had in one room.
Suck on this, Italian Consulate of New York!

It was colder than I expected, but at least I brought the required scarf, over-sized sunglasses and converse style sneakers that every other women had also on her person for this event.

I'm freezing my sedere off, but I have the accessory thing down to a science.

 It was also snowing the exact kind of pollen fluff that makes me swell up like hot air balloon throughout my sinuses and causes me to be extremely drowsy. Or maybe I was snoozeful because we drank three different kinds of wine before we even ventured into dessert territory.

They played Amy Winehouse and fun swoony Italian numbers straight out of my show Tutti Pazzi Per Amore. Nobody danced, but several people went to play foosball and a couple went to take wildlife pictures of some very colorful birds that are native of the area. Later they were going to light a fire and watch a film, but if we had stayed that long T would have too much ammunition to give her future therapist and we would have never left. I can't believe I have to work tomorrow.

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