Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dinner with 007
Using the navigator that we purchased with points from the Esselunga supermarket, we started off by getting completely and utterly lost. I got so carsick because I was studying for my pilates training that was to kick off the next morning while we were climbing up the twisty hillside paths. Once we finally reached 007's house we were greeted by two huge guard dogs. One looked like a polar bear. Our host hurried us across his property, all 15 hectares of it, to the part where his 16 deer roam inside an enclosure. Then we got up close and personal with his goats, including three tiny new babies that T and her friend Natasha were allowed to pick up as long as the mamma goat said it was okay.

We got to see 007's wife's oil paintings that reflected her Surinamese background and world travels. They met in Holland and go back many times a year. The meal was spectacular from the Sicilian cheese with homemade marmalade, a frittata made with greens from their vegetable garden, a rice salad with quail eggs and special mustard, artichokes and corn with a homemade lemon pepper sauce that danced on our tongues without burning our stomachs, and a fake meat patty made of bread, cheese, and eggs in a tomato sauce that was spectacular.  For dessert we had their homemade wine, special goat cheese custard that was light as air and chocolate sacher cake with a homemade orange liquor spilled on the top.

They are interested in hiring F to make a website for their agriturismo and hiring me to give them a private couple's massage. I tried to show 007 how I can grow my finger by relaxing the muscles with my mind, but he said that I was cheating and took out a ruler that he pressed into my finger making it instantly contract and thus making me see like a big fat liar with her pants on fire. I complimented all of his accomplishments, but he is a very proud man who expects to be flattered and praised, but does not acknowledge his pleasure in any way. I managed to totally offend him by misunderstanding his offer to sell us 8 kilos of Sicilian cheese as an offer to sell us the cheese for eight euros and the only excuse I can offer is exhaustion, finger shrinkage, and my rather inebriated state after trying two kinds or wine, orange liquor and a creamy mint liquor that was crazily potent. Now what do i do about the fact that somewhere between the goats and the goat cheese custard I lost my cell phone?

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