Monday, April 23, 2012

COSA?! means What?!
Today I taught for an hour. I walked for a half an hour. I taught for an hour. I taught for another hour. I walked for half an hour. I walked into Olympia Club and searched until I found Chiara, the lovely assistant to the boss at Olympia Club who has my back. I know she has my back because I called her on her cell phone and she was nice to me, but then she got all stiff and professional and curt. Two seconds later I got a text message that our boss had just walked in on her and she ended the text with a smiley face. She got me an appointment with Elena to discuss the fact that the sixteen euro they talked about was more theoretical than actual. It seems that they took out four euro for the fifteen minutes they took away from my hour class and then another 2,40 euro in fees, leaving with me 9,60 euro a lesson. COSA??? So I politely explained that there was a misunderstanding because when she asked me what the other gyms were paying me and I told her fifteen euros and she told me that she would pay sixteen euros I was happy about it. That was the misunderstanding.

My piccolo fidanzato. Much more important that any euros.

Elena she told me she would pay me sixteen an hour but that they would of course take out 20 percent. COSA?? So I asked how much would that leave me with. And she said that would leave me with twelve euro. And then I said that it was still a problem as twelve has this quality, in almost every country I know, of stubbornly insisting on being less than sixteen. She said she would pay me 17,50 which after they took out the 20 percent would leave me with 14 euros. I said thanks and left the office. For two minutes. Then I walked back in and sat down. This is the lie I told: My husband refuses to accept fourteen. Yeah there is no cell phone service in that tin can so I never really talked to F. It has to be fifteen or nothing. She said well why don't you take fourteen now and next September we will talk about an increase. And I said great we can talk next September because I am leaving this place forever now. She said: COSA?? Then she said a lot of stuff about meeting her half way and how my client numbers had dropped from the first week. I pointed out that I have the sucky time slot of 5:30 when everyone is just getting out of work and that the whole gym has less traffic lately. She said she would give me fourteen euros a lesson and raise me one class a week at a later hour. I left her office for the classroom where 007 gave me the special lemon pepper sauce that I left at his house the other night. COSA??

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