Sunday, April 08, 2012

Buona Pasqua!
Today T wanted to have an Easter egg hunt. We each had five little eggs to hide and we had to make up clues as to where we hid them. Here is an example of one of F's clue for us: "That was close, but hasn't happened yet today." And the answer was "shave" which led to a tickle fight in the bathroom between T and me over his shaving kit. Yes, she won.

"Sort of like being married to Beyonce, but without the why." That was another of F's clue and it ended up to be the JAZZ poster: Jay Z without the Y. Get it?!

T's clue: "A memory on your head" ended up being her grandpa's hat. And so on.

The funniest part was when F gave the clue about his shaving kit and he said, "c'mon it's something men want." T and I yelled out our answers simultaneously. Mine was, "Sex?" Her response was, "A Sandwich?' You can take the family to Italy, but you can't make them less weird.

We went for dinner at our friends' house. F's gorgonzola bread has a life of its own. Last week one of my bosses at Olympia named Andrea, he is the owner's brother, came in and swept me off my feet in thanks for the bread that I gave him for Easter. I chose him to get his own loaf because he is such a gratifyingly enthusiastic fan of F's bread. Then F gave it to the gallery owner's daughter from last week and we brought it to Melissa and Mirko's house because they are wine experts who have that part of the dinner always planned out to perfection.

They might have exaggerated with the wine this time:

That is a five litre magnum of wine. I love our friends.

Here is an adorable ninna nanna that I learned from Sofia:

Here is me annoying Sofia by pretending that I can't recognize the characters from Harry Potter. I can now be infuriating in more than one language which is a huge accomplishment. Just ask T.

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