Monday, April 09, 2012

The other day as I (F) was having a passeggiata with Fabio, enjoying a moment of dolce far niente/sweet to do nothing, we have a conversation that goes something like:

Fabio: Hey, where the heck are we going?
F: Um, I thought we were just walking around and then later we'll go back to that wine shop and you can buy some wine.
Fabio: But you told me we were going to go to a different wine shop so we could compare the price.
F: Um, oh yes exactly. Yep, that's what I said. So then in that case let's turn around and walk back the way we just came.
Fabio: Okay, sounds like a plan.

But in the end we have a good time and are great friends even though I doubt we have ever had a fully coherent conversation. It's quite strange since I've always not talked much, but tried to talk with quality. And now I don't talk much, plus also I don't have the vocabulary to be empathetic, insightful, compassionate, or even clear, so it's a big change.

This is us wandering around looking at stuff
Stuff being looked at
I'm teaching a class now for a group of disoccupati/unemployed people and I love them. They are shockingly motivated and engaged. The Italian job market, while not disastrous like Spain or Greece, is stagnant, as well as being in the midst of transitioning away from lifetime employment towards greater labor mobility. So the local governments are offering classes that teach English, informatica/computers, workplace safety, and something that seems to be along the lines of "psychological stability." It's in Lunata, so I get a good bike ride out of it and really really the most warm fuzzy feelings that I have gotten from any of my students. After two hours they say sweet things like, "Does the lesson have to be over?"

I spent awhile today trying to explain in Italian how I've been playing three types of music over and over. It was all the more complicated because my friend Alessandro has impeccable high-brow taste for all types of jazz, and African and Brazilian music. I however had to try to justify the fact that I have been listening over and over to Romanian House Music, Skrillex, and Tom Waits (well Tom Waits was less hard, but Inna is a struggle).

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Laurence said...

I like some of Skrillex, but within the general realm of those thousand or so genres I can't keep track of but that somehow descend from techno, trance, and house to whatever pre- post- and/or -core- thing is current, I prefer the older groups Juno Reactor and Infected Mushroom.