Sunday, March 25, 2012

T-- the rock star of Lucca and her new hair color.

I'm not shrinking. She's just GROWING.

O Solo Mio Trio
Yup. Lots of bread today. Few people. It was a turnout that can only be described as pathetic: only two students and one really fast talking, funny eight year old boy showed up. Matteo. He was hilarious. He asked for some of the chocolates that he brought with him as a house gift; he opened in the window in the bathroom because he was worried about stinking up the place; and he did a mini stretch class with me to kill some time. His mom was really worried that if I didn't have enough numbers at Olympia Club, they would fire me. She said she hoped I would consider teaching on Saturdays when other moms like her have time to take my class. Then my favorite college girl showed up, which was really sweet of her since it was a beautiful sunny day and everyone else was out sunning themselves. Except us.  It turned out that she is studying website design so she was very interested in F's work. She may have to leave the gym soon due to her school schedule, but I sent her some Internet links and gave her some ideas of how to continue her workouts.

Me improvising with the very lovely Lara.
Nice weather trumps a work out of any gym related activity every time in Lucca. Drat!
It was a pretty wacky time we had while we were waiting around the pristine house with the decked out table. At a quarter past four, T said that it was officially when Italians start to feel like they are on time. It was then that  I started to hope no one would come. At twenty five minutes past four o'clock, T said it was now that Italians would officially acknowledge being slightly late, and that if they didn't arrive within the next five minutes there would be guilt involved and lots of hand gesturing. T was making the ticking sound on the clock like it was a game of Jeopardy or something. It was an awful wait. And then the bell rang. My heart lifted and sank and I forgot how to speak Italian. Again. At least, I had fun with the kid. And his mom is right that they should have babysitting at the gym. And maybe I should consider teaching on Saturdays, but I am so tired and the thought of running after Elena to beg her for the chance is beyond exhausting. Luckily at the age of 42, I also feel that as someone who has to teach the Single Ladies dance by Beyonce` all next week, I have been around too long to care what certifiably insane people think of me or my class. What was that movie with Robin Williams and Baryshnikov? No, wait it was Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines. And Isabella Rosellini. White Nights. Remember that 1980's dance flick? Olympia Club and I are just like that famous escape scene where the defecting dancers escape from the video surveillance and wire taps to make a break for it.

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