Monday, March 26, 2012

Stuffed and Basted

We had the honor of having lunch with my friend Bianca's parents. They are lovely and generous people. He gave us one of his paintings, she gave us an apple cake, a panettone, three bananas, and a tub of chocolates. The food was fabulous and also plentiful in an ridonkulous way. They made bruschetti, gnudi, pasta ai porri, two savory vegetable pies, frittate, insalata, and i dolci. Clearly they think that vegetarians don't eat enough. Twelve courses later I had the odd experience of knowing exactly what a turducken (a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken) feels like. Even though we knew we would get caught in the thunderstorm, F and I  felt we had to limp quickly around the loop of the walls afterwards just to burn a fraction of the calories we had consumed and so that we could get in fighting shape to then serve up a Thai dinner for ten later that night. The dinner was of course just a ruse to introduce Bianca who is single to Angelo who I hope is also single. I can't help it. They look so cute together, don't they?

Her dad collects owls, champagne tops, horror movies, stamps, and, well, he is a collector.

He is also passionate about art.

Suo Babbo.

La Mamma.
Here is what happened. She brought her ex's sister and her husband who I had never met before. Angelo brought us another bunch of gorgeous live flowers, not knowing that as soon as they get a good look at me they will die like all of the other potted flowers he has so generously gifted us. The intended couple, with a bit of prodding, sat next to each other, but then hardly made eye contact even when they were talking directly to one another. We stole about six recipes from Jamie Oliver's Thirty Minute Meals (season two, episode two, parts one and two) and the food was one delicious exotic bite after another. F made sweet and spicy mushrooms, green thai chili, pad thai, spicy slaw, sweet chili dipping sauce for rice crackers, and we had Bianca's momma's cakes for dessert.  Everyone stayed until almost midnight. I can't imagine teaching the dance to the Single Ladies song tomorrow. Not even in my most food driven restless night of the time change where you lose an hour dreams.

Yum! Thai food.

Bianca's friend had hair Rappunzel would have envied.

The Alessandros.
Empty plates all around

. . .

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