Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On the go go go/ (cioe' "Via")

The maximum number of classes a fitness instructor is supposed to teach a week is fifteen.  Last week I taught thirteen, but I don't know how to factor in that I often have a mile and a half to walk each way to each of three different gyms. Today I taught four lessons and did half an hour of massages for a group of six people plus walked six miles to and fro. Some lady walked out during the cardio segment at the last class of the day because she felt I didn't explain the routine well enough, even though right beforehand I said that it would just be ten minutes and they should just try to sweat and hang in there. It was just a horrible moment. She missed out because afterwards I invited them all over to our house for Saturday to try to create a united group before people start heading off for the summer. Can I just tell you how weird it is to warm up in the classroom and momentarily forget about the camera situation and then have people make comments on my dancing as I am on my way out? I thought to myself wow I am glad you liked my choreography, but what did you think about when I dribbled all that water from down my chin when I was drinking from the bottle and when I tripped over my dance bag as I was leaving? Also, shouldn't I get paid more for all of these guest appearances on their surveillance films?

We (ha ha) are planning this Thai dinner just because I want to play matchmaker between a girlfriend of mine and this man who I hope to good green goodness is single. Oops I just thought that out loud. Shoot hold on. F just told me that I am crazy number one and then he amended it that I am crazy number one through three. While you are reading this I called Mr. Right's and my mutual friend Laura the erborista to see if he is single and all I found out is that he is divorced, he is not engaged, and he is very private. Oh well. Then it ended up that I need to go to the beach with Laura tomorrow at one because I said something poetic about wanting to see her relaxed and at her favorite place and she said the same to me. This, my friends, is why I have a weird life.

 And here is a video of T and her friend Chiara and some chickens. No really it is. I told you. Weird.

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