Monday, March 19, 2012

No rest for the weary
Olympia Club
Bright and early this Sunday morning, I FINALLY got sala zeus, the biggest classroom at the Olympia club, even if there were only 18 of us. It was a Sunday and the sky was threatening. Some of the ladies stayed afterwards to ask me if I would teach on Saturdays. I might have to do it because, scemina that I am, I didn't realize that I will be mostly out of work most of the summer because Italian ladies don't go to the gym during the summer. They go to the beach to tan themselves to a crisp. This, ironically, gives them the sense that they are even skinnier than they already are, in some cases, or that they are less rotund, in others. All without ever having to lift a finger. This is especially true since they use no sun protection at all whatsoever.

Yup, my daughter does avoids being seen in public with me.
T had a sleepover with Natasha and they had dinner with two other friends of theirs. Our friends Adonella and Carlo introduced us to their close friends Maria and Nicola and their handsome sons, one of whom played tic tac toe, soccer with a wine cork, treasure map, and checkers with me -- and that was just the antipasto . . . The food was a scrumptious array of vegetarian pies, sformato, and Tuscan specialties including broccoli rabe with garlic, grilled radicchio, melanzane stuffed with goat cheese, not to mention several desserts.

I am a champion thumb wrestler.
This is why they invented cardio.

Qua si mangia bene.

In other news, T is the same exact size as me and we are sharing clothes. That is not the scary part. The scary part is that when she outgrows them, I will inherit them and we will have to buy her a whole new wardrobe!

Hmmn. Nine courses. I wonder if I made enough. . .

Yes, in my spare time I am a human card sculpture.

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