Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lady and the Tramp
Today after a good four and a half hours of sleep, I did what I only do in emergencies -- I drank coffee. Thank goodness that only my four favorite students came to the Intensivo this morning. It was madness. I went caffeine loopy. My ladies wanted to do the J Lo cardio a thousand times and then we added in Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire and Dance, Dance, Dance Zumba-- which is the corniest, fun thing ever. Alessia baked the best nutella brioches ever made in the history of chocolaty pastries and Laura brought the orange juice and even the cups. At a certain point we all had a sugar high and instead of stretching they made me do another half hour of the cardio at the end. Pazze/Crazies! It was lovely.

Then I took a twenty minute nap and went to my trampoline training for which I paid 75 euro. As I feared, these guys from Napoli could fill up actual hours talking about a piece of fabric and some springs -- a device which we have used in America for over 15 years now-- like it was the 31st flavor of Baskin Robbins.  I am pretty sure that even the cavemen took like a deer skin and put it over a few rocks and started jumping up and down and doing the same five steps we did over and over. It was almost worth the money to hear this hunky guy from Napoli give out the commands in English but with a Napolitano accent. Every time he told me to shkip (that is skip) I almost wet my pants.  My coworkers were confused about why I seemed more solemn than usual, and this mystified me since they knew I had only had a few hours sleep and had been in the Emergency Room the whole night before.

Then I took my third shower of the day and went out to pizza with my new friends Serena and Bianca who are probably the best people on earth. We had pesto pizza and I mentioned T's friend from AR-Kansas -- Greta and her family's names at their favorite pizza place and received the royal treatment immediately afterwards. I'm guessing they ate there a lot.

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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