Friday, March 02, 2012

F got his real driver's license today and he got the cables to jump start the car successfully. Yay! Nevertheless F has been cursing under his breath all day because he is late on a work deadline for a very demanding client with high expectations who wants him to create for starters an eyeball that has a laser and smoke going through it that shatters into an interactive room. Child's play, in other words.

T had the equivalent of study hall with an English teacher who insists on pronouncing the word Philippines as Phillip-penis which made her and her English speaking friend have to hide under their desks and practice not choking for at least twenty minutes.

I on the other hand decided to use two stretch balls for each student for the stretch class. These are smaller than a basketball and come in different colors. One of my nutty students wanted each person to use matching colors so she gave me two pink ones. Unfortunately, when we were lying face down with one ball under each thigh we looked like an array of phallic symbols strewn across the floor and I felt the need to say, "Four women walked into a bar carrying two balls apiece," which finally made them crack up.

I told this story to F and and then added, "We had a hard day," which made him crack up.

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