Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Bricioli
Tonight in my stretch class a girl came in bragging about the great sex she had on Friday night, but after I got the knot out of this other student's shoulder blade she turned to the first girl and smiled, saying, "I feel now like you felt Friday night." Priceless.

Also there is an ongoing joke that I killed Michael Jackson because every time I play music from a great artist and make them work hard, the artist tends to die. After Michael it was Whitney.  Today my private student got a terribly pained look on her face when we were doing some rather difficult butt exercises and the others chimed out, "Watch out, Alessia, you could be next."

I ended up going to the beach with Laura today during the intervallo on the grayest day ever. I fear it was not the cure all that she wanted, but I think I was a good sport. She claims never to have been in a car accident, but I was in fear for my life several times. I don't drive, but I am pretty sure you shouldn't go around making U-turns on the autostrada.

I forgot to give you this link to the best movie I have seen in like ten years which was called Quasi Amici here, but in English I think it is called Untouchable even though it is a French film.

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