Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hunger, Games ...not necessarily in that order
This week T ended up not only being taller than me, and lending me her striped shirt, but also being more mature than I am. Gasp! Her friends were annoyingly selfish and she ended up not getting the room assignment she wanted for her class trip to Torino next week. When things like this happen our family takes certain precautions. F, on his part, bought Oreos, a very delicious brand of cookies, for example. T held her head high, went right back in and talked it all out.  And I am keeping my mouth shut. Why wasn't I cool like that in seventh grade?

F blow drying T's off the line shirt onto me. Desperately missing the clothes dryer, people.

Also T managed to find us the HUNGER GAMES online, so if it works out we won't have to wait until May when it comes to theaters here. She has already read, or should I say devoured, the book, but I am going to find it in Italian so I can kill two hungry birds with one stone. Wow, that is not an expression vegetarians use very often. Sorry about that, bird lovers.

Everyone seems to be very exhausted by the thought of Spring coming, and those that don't have allergies have a bad cold. I have been taking loads of stinging nettle tea/ortica which helps enormously, but F has been sneezing his head off. I want to publicly thank Tony, a loyal blog reader, who recommended that I take Allimax, a natural garlic pill to fight off the mosquitoes. I could only get Amazon Germany to ship it to me here due to the usual Italian over regulation of everything good, but I am hopeful it will help keep those little noisy vampires away from my L'oreal hair sprayed ponytail -- which they seem to think is near to nectar of the gods.

Since the choreography to Single Ladies was not the hit I wanted it to be, I am starting to choreograph my own stuff. This week I am using the song Fallin' for You by Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila. Here is the song:

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