Saturday, March 10, 2012

Freaky Venderdi
He had a better day than us.
Today I taught a massage class for three now very relaxed women. Then I taught a double lesson of Metamorfosi that was perfectly flawless at Olympia Club and no one I think even appreciated how fantastic and balanced and in time we were. Then I went home for 15 minutes to grab my palle ritmiche/ stretch balls so that I could be the entertainment for my friend Monica's pizza party. She and her husband work at the Giusti bakery and so we had not just pizza but also four kinds of pastries afterwards. In Italy people eat these fairly large individual pies and they think that we in America have portion issues! We didn't have the right mats and so people were slipping and sliding all over the place and their necks were so filled with knots that it was 10:30 at night before I realized that F had never come to get me. I checked my cell phone only to find that he had taken T to the pronto soccorso/ emergency room for an ear/tooth ache.

Circus mother.

Monica's lovely sons took me to the hospital. They guided me through the deserted labyrinth of corridors to find the pediatric unit. They carried my multi colored stretch balls for me. "Oh great," I told them. "Not only am I going to be the crazy American mother at the emergency room, but I am going to look like I came straight from the circus." Hospital humor. So I found T and she was already doing better after the Ibuprophen that F had given her. They had been waiting an hour and then we waited another hour and a half or so. I tried to flag down one of the three nurses that were buzzing around helping the three kids with much worse emergencies that were ahead of us. In my exhausted head I worried that they would forget all about us.  I also kind of hoped they could just take two minutes to look in her ear so we could go home so I stalked the hallways until I could get one's attention. The nurse, rightfully so, pretty much murdered me with words about how the more serious cases take priority and so I slunk back into the waiting room. I later told her she was absolutely right and thanked her profusely. I think they don't get as many thanks as they should because everyone we thanked looked shocked. T's Italian was flawless and I didn't do too badly which was a big difference from the last time I was at the Emergency Room. In Italy there are no receptionists or anything, but on the other hand, you don't pay a dime. In the waiting room there was an Italian version of Elmo. Instead of saying, "Elmo loves you." He just says, "Elmo wants you well." Also instead of a high-pitched squeaky voice, he had a smoker's cough.

Ciao. I'm Elmo.

At about midnight my boss at Happy Gym sent me a message saying please respond immediately to this message. She wanted to know whether I could make it to the training on the mini trampoline now that they had suddenly decided to change the time to 5 pm Saturday. Davvero?

My brave girl.

Some weird pediatric Dali art.

In the end T got some ear drops and some codeine and is doing great. Non preoccupatevi/ Don't worry.

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