Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The expert, the prodigy, and the weirdo

Today F finished the website for Osteria da Rosolo -- osteriadarosolo.com-- and they just loved it! It is so elegant.

T learned how to skate backwards today and also made fudge cookies with Natasha.

I, on the other hand, was in motion metamorfosizing all the live long day -- a day which culminated in the mortifying decision to use a stretch ball on the floor of my boss' Elena's office while she was on the phone in the hopes that she would look down at me and think it was a good idea to buy 20 of them and give me a new course.  It was my fifth time trying to have a minute and a half conversation with her and the fifth time I had to lug the ball with me to demonstrate. In reality, she thought that I am so weird as a person that I just strut into her office and began stretching myself for no good reason at all. Inappropriate. Bad. I waited like a shamed school girl outside of her office for 15 minutes after she told me to be patient. Then I told several people including, her assistant, her person in charge of instructors, and her brother, who is also a manager, that I could get people's neck knots out in less than two minutes guaranteed using just this ball. Her assistant promised me that if she had a free minute she would call me over before class, but that never happened. After the lesson her brother Andrea took pity on me and led me into speak to her and I tried to sell her on both the balls and the trampolines and she said something to the effect of she was more interested in buying 7 euro balls instead of thousand dollar trampolines, but she never actually saw me do the demonstration unless she was watching the closed circuit television on which I gave free massages to two of my students. I only had six students today which is sad because I usually have 18 or so and they are really number obsessed at Olympia. I hope it was the nice weather, but it could have been the stomach bug that I also succumbed to last night for several hours, or, I don't know, my weird sweating issue that only shows itself when I have cameras pointed at my ass while I try to cram an hour's worth of class material into forty five minutes.


Laurence said...

Website looks nice. Is it only in English, or is there also a version in Italian?

FB said...


There is also Italian and German depending on what language your browser is set to.