Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Cultural Exchange
Me: Hey Mauro, what time do you think we should close the door to the classroom if I don't want to be devoured by mosquitoes.
Mauro: Well, the rule is while it's daylight, technically they should not really be biting. (what????)
Me: Oh because I'm really allergic.
Mauro (with eyebrow raised): Oh you are really allergic? Really? So you don't like mosquitoes?
Me: Um no.
Mauro: Because we Italians love mosquitoes. We love how they buzz around our heads at night. It is like music to our ears. And then when they bites us we are like - more, more, more. Take my blood. I love it.
Me: I just can't sleep at night after they bite me.
Mauro: Oh I sleep better when they bite me. But if you want to close the door, go for it. I mean it is suffocatingly hot in here, but if you're allergic and sensitive and all. . . It's up to you.
Me: Maybe I'll just wait till you're done in here and then. .
Mauro: Well . . . maybe that's best.

Later . . . I catch Mauro and his personal training client looking at me strangely.

Me: Am I in the wrong place?
Mauro: Well, you have little diamonds in your headphones and little diamonds in your ipod. And your whole demeanor. So, yes, there is a good chance that you are in the wrong place. Either that or we are in the wrong place. It is actually possible that you are in the right place and all the rest of us are in the wrong place.
Me: I'm like one of those little bugs that like sparkles.
Mauro: A firefly?
Me: Yup my daughter says if you overdo it, it is not elegant.
Mauro: Let me get this straight. Your daughter is more restrained in this regard than you are?
Me: Yes. . . Um there is bit of tension in the house.
Mauro: (Finally laughing).

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