Monday, March 05, 2012

The Carbohydrate Olympics

Well, we have been in training for this competitive sport, but today was the real deal. Today we were wined and dined by our friends Paola and Stefano. Hold on to your seats Brooklyn people because this is what we got served for Sunday lunch: pasta, savory pie, roasted potatoes, a cheese plate, crudité, strawberries and cream, chocolate pastry, wine, bubbly, coffee, and a digestivo.  Then we went by the grandparents' house and were served doughnuts, cake, cookies, fruit, more wine, and more coffee. I think we won. 

Oh and Saturday we got homemade pizza at our friends Tiziana and Cristiano's house. We brought Natasha with us. The girls got to play on their Wii and read the Elle Spring Collections magazine with all of the runway shows in it. There was chocolate cake before the pizza and a table full of little bruschette beforehand.  

And more good news: My fidanzato Lorenzo is now reading and doing math all by his handsome self. His teachers are quite pleased with is progress. You can hear for himself how he is sounding out the words phonetically.  A funny thing happened when he was in the car reading out various signs and getting lots of praise for all of his efforts the other day.  Apparently some naughty teenage boys wrote some graffiti under one of the regular printed signs and when he read what they had written about teenage girls he about gave his nanny a heart attack, but still he read it perfectly.

Then tonight we stopped by Bar LeLe for an apertivo in honor of my supervisor Fabio's birthday. Lots of my favorite students were there and so it was really fun. I felt a little guilty when they confessed all of the sweets they had eaten this weekend, an occupational hazard of mine, and thought to myself, if they only knew!

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