Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

Tonight I bumped into our dear friends Adonella and Carlo and they told me that they found out about our blog at the Indian dinner and looked it up. Carlo said that one day we will have to explain some of the slang American expressions.  In particular he wanted to know what it meant that Oreos are my crack.  Once I explained it to him he said, "Oh I get it; so K is F's crack."Nice.

 These are some of the shots that F took for the website he is designing for the restaurant downstairs. The couple is Stefania and her husband whose name we don't remember. There is a 75% chance that it is either Stefano, Marco or Alessandro. He asked us the other day if there are really beaches in New York and we answered him earnestly and I went so far as to spell out Coney Island in Italian. As we reentered our stairwell to go upstairs, he turned to our other friend who is a chef at the restaurant on the other side of the courtyard and said, "It was just a joke." And we felt ridiculous. It was late and cold and we were just getting home to eat dinner and the last thing I thought of was that he was being funny. Oy.

 I was out looking for a present for Barbara whose birthday party is tonight. In the end I found a gorgeous bracelet and the store Shanti in via San Paolino. I walked around with Paola and caught up on all the inside mommy track information that I am missing by not going to pick up T at school lately. F always goes just because her backpack is too heavy for either T or I to carry and as it is she throws it at him and then walks off with her friends. It goes much faster if he just zips back and forth on his bike instead of my having to push past all of the shrieking and shoving masses of middle schoolers.

This morning I made notes of exercises for five hours. After that I studied a youtube video that features these African dancers who break down the dance steps Beyonce does to her song Run the World. I am hoping that I can use this as the big opening number at the Olympia Club tomorrow, but I am afraid that it will be hard to teach it in Italian in only five minutes. Thank goodness I went to bed early last night instead of going out to this disco out in Lunata. I was thrilled to be invited by some friends from the gym, but I heard afterwards that the music was so loud no one could even converse during the 30 euro a head dinner. And since I was only rich enough to head out after the dinner when the tables were cleared it would have been a very late night.

Barbara's birthday party was nice. I spoke mostly to my friend Ale and to Barbara's sisters. I like Barbara and Alessandro a lot. They are very down to earth and easy to be with. Their apartment reminds me of an artist's loft in Greenwich village. They are kind of effortlessly hip in a way that I could never be. F, who is nothing if not a team player has been frantically trying to rid the house of Oreos, made Oreo brownie cupcakes which went over very well with the guests, although several asked us what the white stuff is in the middle of the Oreos. I did not give a clear answer as I have spent years trying not to know.
Barbara blowing out the candles.
Chatting away with Barbara's sisters

F made lunch for our friends Fabio and Anna Maria who just found out that their youngest daughter may have celiac disease.  He made them a gluten free pasta with tomato sauce and a homemade gluten free pizza.  She is a very picky eater so we were thrilled that she even asked for seconds.  After lunch we went to say hi to our friends Fabio and Adriana that work at the antique market and our friends from Germany that we have nicknamed the Tommy Hillfiger twins, who have lost 11 kilos each on this raw food diet that they have been following. Talk about will power.

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