Saturday, February 04, 2012

A vacation from everything
If there is an expat in the world who is not at home in bed today watching two seasons worth of Downton Abbey on and sipping tea with honey, I am really sorry. Indeed. (hee hee.) I canceled work for the first time ever Thursday night and now I am reveling in my wickedness and exhaustion from a super brief exposure to T's strep throat which has left me just exhausted and with nerve pain in my teeth and sinuses. It is dove gray outside and there is a humid down in your bones chill out there. F has gone to procure (that's the Downton Abbey talking) ingredients for our dinner party next weekend and T is finally swallowing without pain. She doesn't seem to have missed a ton in school, but my fingers are crossed she will make it back in time to recoup nicely and without needing a doctor's note. We are so up on American pop culture that T knows that Chelsea Handler made a rude remark about Joan River's on the Howard Stern show last week and I am waiting for a V.V. Brown duet with Chiddy Bang that doesn't even come out on Itunes until Tuesday.  We have this week's American Elle magazine and I have a yummy novel translated into Italian that has my favorite secondary theme of gourmet food running through it.

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