Friday, February 10, 2012

Two really funny things plus cheese making!

Tonight in class we were doing these really hard leg lifts. Let me go back and explain for a minute that,  for whatever reason, I am constantly talking about Michael Jackson because Italians love his music and because he is the easiest way I have found for translating the term pelvic tilt into Italian. Anyway, we were doing these very hard leg lifts and my client Laura shouted out to the rest of the class, "I'm pretty sure this is how Michael Jackson died." It was so funny. Maybe you had to be there. But it was so funny. 

Then halfway through the class this very good looking, muscle-y guy who doesn't even impress me because he can't make cheese (I'll explain later) came in and asked if he could do something with this hanging bar and some macho cable equipment. We are always having to get supplies from the classroom so I said okay. Apparently this was a mistake, because this ragazzo had no intention of leaving and instead began grunting and flexing and during his breathless pauses from suspending himself from the bar he stared at several of our asses while we did the above mentioned leg lifts. He stayed in the room forever. Finally, when it was time to cool down I said that I was sorry for my poor Italian but that I had not understood he intended to stay in with us and that he was a distraction and he had to leave. He apologized and left. The moment the door closed, all the women started saying that even though he was a total distraction, they were heartbroken that I made him leave. 

Now here's the cheesy bit. Literally. While I was exercising for four hours, F & T were making Indian cheese from scratch. It's called paneer. He put lemon into milk and strained it for hours and hours to make enough. This to me is the equivalent of hanging from a bar and breathing heavily. He slays me, my F. 


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