Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday pastries and parties and pandemonium
F and I spent Sunday morning lazing about trying to resuscitate our calves from our mini marathon between the gyms yesterday and watching Top Chef. I read 82 pages in my Italian verb book and caught up on Downton Abbey. Then I started reading The Help in Italian because of peer pressure. I'll explain later. T managed to not load her cell phone with credit properly and also to forget her keys to the house, but aside from that she was the perfect sleepover guest at Marisol's birthday party. She proudly related to us that she not only was super polite to Marisol's parents, but she won points for eating three of the homemade pizza pies that were (gasp) destined to go uneaten all by herself thus saving face for the entire group. That's my girl! (Or actually F's!) She also got double the amount of sleep the other girls did. That is what I heard from her this morning. This evening it turned out that double what the other girls got means that she slept for a whole four hours. Ouch.

We had to leave our key to the house under a rock so that T could get in because we were invited to our friend Luca (the most famous baker in Lucca) and his stunning wife Monica's house for a pastry-palooza intimate gathering and thought that it would be best for everyone if T had time to chillax in her own room with her facebook and her, also known as her substitute parents. Just Kidding.  The fact is that we were honored to be invited. The weather was spring-like so we walked there, but happily accepted a ride home in Luca's car because it seemed three and a half hours had passed without our knowing it and it was already pitch black outside. This meant two things.  One --the sky was awash with stars and two -- T had eaten every last potato chip in the house before we got home to make her dinner.

I just loved everyone I met at Luca and Monica's but they have the kind of good energy that draws good energy to them so it was no surprise at all that we felt at home. I felt like I had known the people all my life and F felt like those pastries were practically family. Just so you understand what you are seeing in the photos there were yogurt muffins, cantucci cookies with almonds, chocolate con peperoncino cake, apple spice cake and homemake crackers with cheese. F also enjoyed that Luca's sons practiced their English on him and asked him all kinds of questions about America as if he were some American sports star or something.

Arrivederci, Brooklyn!

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