Thursday, February 02, 2012

Snow Day

Last night Fede drove me home after our bagno turco session at LIFE gym, and she explained to me how not to press down to hard on the brakes in a city that has no salt or snow plows.  People were really freaking out and complaining a lot, but lord was it pretty. This morning there was practically no snow in the city on the ground, but school was still closed because up in the hills there are people who are blocked in. That is called a super score for Ms. T. We are happy she got to go garbage bag sledding and romping about with a bunch of friends. At least she had a great time  before she came home after lunch with a bad sore throat. Drat.

F got a new client for his web design business and has been working hard trying to make the deadlines. This manifests itself in the fact that he talks to the computer a lot in a mumbling, grumbling, kind of way.  Sometimes he and that screen really have at it and he pushes his chair back and walks away. That will show you, you computer you. Occasionally he has a jolt of inspiration and yells "Ah HA" like some kind of really jazzed up Sherlock Holmes. He got his foglio rosa which means he can drive if there is a licensed person in the car with him. Say what? I mean he was no threat to anyone when he was driving around the whole year we were here before the year after having received residency rights kicked in. Laws are weird.

I went early to Happy gym to give my friend and client Patrizia a massage for her hurt shoulder. My boss wasn't there as she was one of the people blocked in. Patrizia told me that she and a lot of the women wish I had more of the stretch/massage classes and they would be willing to book private sessions. Maybe that is the way to go.

I went by my erborista the other day. I swear that every time I walk in there I get teared up because she and I shared some of our life stories with each other and we have a lot in common. She told me that she was going to send her ayurvedic specialist Alessandro by after sunset on Friday night to put some kind of glass cups on my back to rid me of negativity. I will personally take anything that lets me be able to sleep nightmare free so here is to hoping that whatever it is works. I think I mostly get teared up because I know they are actively wishing me well and they are not easy people to crack into so it is even more special. I still haven't heard anything about the new job from the new gym which is very Italian of them, but kind of unnerving, too. Well, at least I got to use my snow boots for something other than holding the lip gloss I lost when we moved here.

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