Thursday, February 02, 2012

Prescription drugs & cupcakes
Well, it turned out that T had strep throat. At least we are supposing she does because she can't swallow, is running a fever, and since she had her tonsils out she never ever gets sore throats unless it is strep.  We chose our current doctor because he is the one most affiliated with our pharmacy.  This turns out to be the smartest move in Italy. The only thing is that he doesn't have office hours until 5:00 today and it is freezing cold out.  I called my friend and student from the LIFE gym Serena because she is a doctor and the last time I was sick she had told me I could have asked her for a ricetta/prescription for an inhaler vaporizer mask thing to stop me from coughing.  While I was waiting for Serena to get back to me, I called the pharmacy. They said they would just give me the antibiotics. What? I LOVE YOU, ITALY. I was hoping they would just let Serena call in the prescription, but then my friend Lara who works behind the counter said, "Scusa ma/Escuse me but . . ." she could get it for me just as easily. So while I was running over I saw my friend the florist Tina freezing her butt off, but had to run by her to get to the pharmacy.  At the pharmacy they told me to bring the prescription from the doctor to them tomorrow.  I explained that I had to work tonight so I could maybe get T seen by the doctor if F could take her, but my heart dropped when I thought of putting her through the long wait in the waiting room. Then the pharmacist told me that she would go for me and I didn't have to worry about it. Then Serena called to make sure we are okay even though she is super busy and I had messaged her that  it was all resolved. The end of the story is that F baked everyone hot molten chocolate cupcakes, even Tina. Oh and T got a purse with a free sample of perfume and body moisturizer and I got a  sample of stretch mark cream and nursing mother nipple ointment in a pink gauze case from the pharmacist. Yay? Maybe if they could just make antibiotic cupcakes. . .

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